I accidentally bought my first investment property…at age 25.

When I was in high school and college, my parents consistently preached about working
hard, saving money, and buying a home ASAP. And I got the message loud and clear!

When my first grown-up job took me to New Jersey… where home prices were
DOUBLE what they were in Texas…I suffered some MAJOR sticker shock. I couldn’t
wait to buy my first house, but there was absolutely no way I could afford anything on
my own. I knew I needed to find a solution – fast!

So I teamed up with a co-worker, and we got creative. We scoured the market and
together purchased a 4-bedroom home – complete with a pool and hot tub! It was in a
wonderful neighborhood – and 15 minutes from our office!

Getting even more creative, we invited our friends to move in, with their rent nearly
covering our entire mortgage! Oh, the memories we made! Some I can even tell.

It was right there in that home in Morristown, New Jersey where I went from sticker
horror to practically FREE living. That’s also when I discovered the power of real estate

And I’ve been obsessed ever since…both in growing my portfolio and my wealth! And
now, I’m passionate about and teaching and training others how to build their own
financial freedom by doing exactly what I did.

In my real estate investing VIP Day – coming this fall – I’ll pull back the curtain and
show you EVERYTHING you need to know to start shopping for your first investment

I mean, if I could do this “unplanned” at 25… What could you do with a strategy and a
proven plan?

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